Online Foal Auction 2021

2023 Auctions - Applications now open for Foals & Yearlings

Thursday 15th June | A List Auction
(Elite Ridden Horses & Yearlings)

At the Bolesworth International

Friday 18th August | Elite Foals

At the Al Shira’aa Bolesworth Young Horse Championships

Please send in all applications by 31st January 2023

Apply Now

Applications are now open for the 2023 Bolesworth Elite Auctions!

We are inviting breeders to apply with details of both yearlings (Born in 2022) and foals (due to be born Spring 2023) that they would like us to consider for this year’s auctions.

The criteria for both yearlings and foals for either auction is as follows:

The direct dam of the foal must be ‘Black Type’, by which we mean eo either have competed herself at 1.50m level or above, have produced progeny competing at 1.50m or above, or be very closely related (ie full sister to) 1.50m or above performers.

The sire needs to be a popular and commercial sire.

We would like to emphasise that the reason that we are strict about these criteria is that we now have 8 years of proven data showing what foals and yearlings reach top prices, and therefore what the market wants to buy.

The entry fee for both auctions will be £495 plus VAT, and we will require a set of x rays from this calendar year for all yearlings approved by our vet in order to accept yearlings for 2023.

Full Terms & Conditions will be circulated to all successful applicants.

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    Elite Foal & Embryo Auction | Live

    20 August 2021

    On Friday 20 August 2021, the Bolesworth Elite Foal & Embryo Auction took place live at the Al Shira'aa Bolesworth Young Horse Championships, showcasing youngstock with close relations to top 1.60m performers.

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  • Elite Yearling Auction | Online

    16 - 19 July 2021

    The Bolesworth Elite Yearling Auction ran exclusively online, showcasing a handpicked collection with close relations to top 1.60m performers. Bidding opened on 16 July and concluded on 19 July. Online bids accepted only. To view the results, simply click the link below.

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  • A-List Auction 2021

    A-List Auction | Live

    9 July 2021

    Taking place live at the Dodson & Horrell Bolesworth International Horse Show on Friday 9th July, the A-List auction was an exclusive selection of hand-picked showjumpers destined for the top. Bidding took place live and online. To view the results, simply click the link below.

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AboutBolesworth Elite Auctions

Since 2015, we are proud to have showcased many of the finest bloodlines from around the world at the Bolesworth Elite Auctions. We have earned the reputation as market leaders in the sale of high performance foals and yearlings with breeders, vendors and buyers all trusting in the Bolesworth vision. All our lots undergo a strict selection and vetting procedure prior to each auction to ensure that we deliver a truly elite selection of future World Class prospects.

Bolesworth is a pioneer for the Sport Horse Breeding Industry in the UK providing breeders with a reliable platform to reach buyers across the globe. Our aim is to connect the highest calibre vendors and buyers together ensuring that the stars of the future are produced in the right environment to achieve their potential on the world stage. Graduates from the first auction are now achieving success in Young Horse classes all over Europe and are showing the ability to emulate the performance of their parentage.

In 2021 we launched The A List Auction, providing a platform for World Class Ridden Showjumpers. The inaugural Auction was a huge success with most of the graduates now competing round Europe on the International Circuit.